Original paper| Volume 77, P108-120, September 2020

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Beam characterisation studies of the 62 MeV proton therapy beamline at the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre

Published:August 18, 2020DOI:


      • Comprehensive study of the Clatterbridge ocular proton therapy cancer centre.
      • Facility beam dynamics and transverse beam optics modelled in MAD-X and BDSIM.
      • Quadrupole parameterisation and lattice optimisation for present-day conditions.
      • Geant4 simulations and film measurements of the treatment line beam profiles.
      • Optical lattice derived beam size and distributions for end-to-end characterisation.


      The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre (CCC) in the United Kingdom is the world’s first hospital proton beam therapy facility, providing treatment for ocular cancers since 1989. A 62 MeV beam of protons is produced by a Scanditronix cyclotron and transported through a passive delivery system. In addition to the long history of clinical use, the facility supports a wide programme of experimental work and as such, an accurate and reliable simulation model of the treatment beamline is highly valuable. However, as the facility has seen several changes to the accelerator and beamline over the years, a comprehensive study of the CCC beam dynamics is needed to firstly examine the beam optics. An extensive analysis was required to overcome facility related constraints to determine fundamental beamline parameters and define an optical lattice written with the Methodical Accelerator Design (MAD-X) and the particle tracking Beam Delivery Simulation (BDSIM) code. An optimised case is presented and simulated results of the optical functions, beam distribution, losses and the transverse rms beam sizes along the beamline are discussed. Corresponding optical and beam information was used in TOPAS to simulate transverse beam profiles and compared to EBT3 film measurements. We provide an overview of the magnetic components, beam transport, cyclotron, beam and treatment related parameters necessary for the development of a present day optical model of the facility. This work represents the first comprehensive study of the CCC facility to date, as a basis to determine input beam parameters to accurately simulate and completely characterise the beamline.


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