Corrigendum to “A multicenter study of radiation doses to the eye lenses of medical staff performing non-vascular imaging and interventional radiology procedures in Japan” [Physica Medica 74 (2020) 83–91]

      The authors regret an error occurred in the above-mentioned article with the same data being displayed for figures 10 and 11.
      The correct Fig. 11 is now reproduced below.
      Figure thumbnail gr1
      Fig. 11Relationships among different dose equivalents received by other medical staff: (a) Hp(3) outside the right glass and Hp(3) at the neck, (b) Hp(3) outside the right glass and Hp(10) at the neck, and (c) Hp(3) outside the right glass and Hp(0.07) at the neck.
      The authors would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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