Focus Issue containing selected papers from the Workshop "Current challenges of patient re-irradiation" – Guest Editors: I. Toma-Dasu, A. Wojcik, M. Hedman and L. Lundholm

Papers from the Focus Issue "Advances in Geant4 applications in medicine" - Guest Editors: S. Incerti, J.M.C. Brown, S. Guatelli, N. Reynaert, J. Seco, E. Spezi

Selected papers from the AIFM 2018 - Guest Editors: F. Banci Buonamici, A. Coniglio, A. Del Vecchio, C. Ghetti, C. Gori, R. Matheoud, S. Russo, M. Schwarz and L. Strigari

Original Papers

Technical Notes

Abstracts from the 36th Workshop Organized by the BSBPE