Selected papers from the Focus Issue "Advances in Geant4 applications in medicine" - Guest Editors: S. Incerti, J.M.C. Brown, S. Guatelli, N. Reynaert, J. Seco, E. Spezi

Selected papers from the ECMP 2018 - Guest Editors: L. Marcu, I. Toma-Dasu, A. Lammertsma, B. Sattler, L. Strigari, D. Lurie, J.M. Edmund, M. Brambilla, D. Thorwarth, P.F. Kukołowicz, G. Mettivier, E. Samara, M. Bath and G.L. Poli

Selected papers from the AIFM 2018 - Guest Editors: F. Banci Buonamici, A. Coniglio, A. Del Vecchio, C. Ghetti, C. Gori, R. Matheoud, S. Russo, M. Schwarz and L. Strigari


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