About the Societies


European Federation of Organisations for Medical Physics (EFOMP), consists of 36 national organisations that together represent more than 9000 physicists and engineers in the field of Medical Physics. The aims and purposes of EFOMP are to foster and coordinate activities of its members; to encourage the exchange and dissemination of professional and scientific information; to help develop education, training and accreditation programmes; and to encourage the formation of Organisations for Medical Physics. For more information about EFOMP and its activities such its Examination Board (EEB) and its European School for Medical Physics Experts (ESMPE) please see here.


Associazione Italiana di Fisica Medica e Sanitaria (AIFM) is a non-profit Scientific and Professional Association. In order to support its more than 700 members working in the various fields of Physics as applied to Medicine, and to meet their needs and represent their interests. The Association goals are: promote and develop scientific and professional activities; promote and develop training, information and continuous professional development of its members; promote and develop the application of physics methodology to the Diagnosis, Therapy and Health Prevention; promote the National Program of Education in Medicine (ECM); To cooperate with other Health Organisations, Research Institutions and Universities, with a particular interest toward Physics Departments, Faculty of Medicine, Specialisation Schools in Medical Physics, and Institutions that operate in the various fields of Physics and Medicine.


The Société Française de Physique Médicale is a scientific society, founded in 1972, which brings together professionals in the fields of medical physics in hospitals.

The SFPM aims to promote the professional, academic and social communication between its members.


The IAPM is an Association of Medical Physicists working in Health Care and Academia in Ireland. The IAPM was founded in 2010 by the merger of the Association of Physical Scientists in Medicine and the Irish Radiotherapy Physics Group and currently has over 150 members.

The aims of the Association are as follows:

  • The promotion of the application of the physical sciences in medicine
  • Promotion of Research and Education in the physical sciences in Medicine
  • Establishing and maintaining professional standards
  • Promoting professional development and the interests of the membership
  • To offer appropriate advice concerning the application of physical sciences to relevant bodies as required


Czech Association of Medical Physicists

The organization was established as a voluntary civic association of physicists working in medicine, especially radiological physicists, or other persons and legal entities, which have an interest in physics in medicine and its development.

The association was established to defense the aims of physicists in medicine.


The Hellenic Association of Medical Physicists was established on 15/3/1969 under the name “Association of Radiation Physicists”. It was subsequently renamed as HAMP on 17/9/1981. In accordance with the last modification of the Association’s constitution on 20/5/1997, the Association has both scientific and professional orientation. The Association’s scope is:

To promote the application of Medical Physics and Radiation Protection in Education, hospitals, medical centres, medical laboratories, research laboratories, industry, transportation, and in all areas there is use of ionising radiation.

To improve the status of the Association’s members, protect and promote their professional interests, improve their working conditions and help recognise and secure their professional rights in Greece, the European Union and world-wide.

To develop relations with associations and organisations of similar interests, in Greece and abroad.